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Life and Critical Illness

No one likes to think of dying or suffering an illness, but as the great Benjamin Franklin said “nothing is certain in life apart from death and taxes”. We can own many assets in our life such as houses, investments, holiday homes, cars etc. which we insure against damage or loss. However many people fail to insure the greatest asset they own which is themselves.

Think about this for a moment…….

Virtually every single thing we own, our living necessities and future goals are driven by our ability to earn a living. So what happens if you die or suffer an earlier illness and your ability to maintain the lifestyle you once enjoyed has ended or been severely cut back. It could create a huge impact on you and your loved ones.

How we can help

The solution is to talk to one of our experienced Life and Critical Illness Insurance Advisers. They can help you in all aspects of Life and Health Insurance Planning whether it be personal or business protection. They can offer advice on:

Personal Protection

  • Term Assurance
  • Whole of Life Cover
  • Mortgage Life Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Replacement Cover
  • Private Medical Insurance

Business Protection

  • Key Person Cover
  • Director Share Protection
  • Executive Income Protection
  • Group Life and Income Cover
  • Group Private Health Cover