When should I use a financial adviser? – Loughborough

Many people are under the impression that seeking the services of a financial adviser in Loughborough is only for those living in a very high income bracket. This is not the case.

At Tudor Court Financial Planning in Loughborough, we are of the opinion that it is always helpful to seek the advice of a financial adviser before you confirm any big financial decisions or commitments. This can help to ensure you are making the right decisions for you, as well as getting the most for your money.


Consult a Financial Adviser in Loughborough before committing to…


  • A pension – unsure about what the future holds? Whether you are getting close to retirement age or still working and have managed to accumulate a number of different company pensions along the way, a financial adviser will help you figure out what your options are – managing your assets and ensuring your chosen pension company meets your needs.
  • An Investment – Do you have the extensive knowledge needed to build up an successful investment portfolio? You may be looking to put money aside to build up savings or alternatively, you might be considering tying money up in investments in order to achieve a return. Regardless of your aims, requirements or budget, a financial adviser in Loughborough can provide a multitude of options, each tailored to meet your individual needs. An experienced financial adviser can use their skills and expertise to present a variety of carefully constructed high and low investment plans, regardless of whether you are looking to invest for income or growth. We can create and monitor the right investment strategies and provide unbiased advice and support, designed to help you make the best decisions when planning for your future.

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    • A Mortgage – An independent mortgage broker should be able to provide unbiased advice to ensure you get the best deal on a suitable repayment plan for you. Buying a house can be a very stressful, time consuming experience and with banks, building societies and lenders all offering different deals, rates, interest and fees on a whole host of mortgages, it can also be a very confusing time! At Tudor Court Financial Planning, our primary concern is ensuring you get the right deal and are financial secure.
    • Life Insurance Policies – Whilst no one likes to think of the worst happening, I am sure we would all like to think that our loved ones are cared for should they ever need to be. It’s a good idea to consult with a financial adviser in Loughborough before taking out any life or critical illness insurance policies as they have the most informed impression of the market and are able to provide deals which may not be available elsewhere.

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